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If you have questions about insurance, consult with local experts who care about giving you the best. Kindell Insurance Services LLC in Kentland, IN, is proud to offer phenomenal life, home, business, and auto insurance policies. Our experienced insurance agency is here to help keep your home and business protected.

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With years of experience, Kindell Insurance Services LLC has made a name for ourselves throughout Newton County. Our expertise makes us a local resource you can rely on for professional advice on how to keep your home, business, and family protected. Let us use our knowledge to help you.

 Here for You 

We want the best for our clients. Your happiness and protection are our priorities, so we work closely with you to identify the best possible options for your home, business, or life insurance. When you get a policy with our insurance agency, it’s made to fit your needs.

 Wide Coverage Options 

Our insurance agency offers a wide range of policies to cover what’s important in your life. Your vehicle, home, business, and life all need protection in case of accident or unforeseen trouble. Kindell Insurance Services LLC has been helping people stay protected for years and can help you safeguard your assets as well.

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For the very best insurance coverage, come to the local insurance agency that cares about protecting your and your assets. Your needs are our focus, and we stop at nothing to give you peace of mind with a policy that fulfills your desires. Call Kindell Insurance Services LLC today to learn more about how we can help.

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